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Terms and Conditions

Delivery Service

Free delivery is provided with all orders

All cancellations will be given a refund, less a 20% fee, up to 30 days prior to rental.  No refunds will be provided within 30 days of arrival date.  Payment must be made at time of order.

Customer is fully responsible for all merchandise in their possession.  Merchandise that is damaged, lost or stolen will be charged back to the customer at replacement cost.  All items must be returned in the condition they were received.  Equipment must be returned in operable condition with normal wear and tear.

Gas and Charcoal Grills
Use only in a well ventilated area and in accordance with the local ordinances and laws regarding the use thereof.  Grills are not allowed on the beach. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions in the lighting and care.

Kayak & Body Boards
You must use caution when using these items.  Only enter water areas based on skill levels.

Always wear your life vest.  Use at your own risk.


  1. Customer is responsible for transport of chair to and from beach. Do not move or relocate umbrella (Full Service Only)
  2. No hanging towels or personal belongings from umbrella.  Do not adjust umbrella (Full Service Only)
  3. No personal belongings or litter left at end of day.
  4. Any damage caused by not adhering to the conditions, is the sole responsibility of the renter.
  5. Umbrella will be set-up by 9 AM and taken down by 5 PM Sunday through Friday. Later depending on weather.
  6. Umbrella is not protection during storms, i.e. rain & lightning.  Umbrellas are SUN SHELTERS, Sunset Beach Umbrellas has the right to remove umbrella due to POTENTIAL STORMS, strong GUSTING WINDS, and SUSTAINED WINDS of 17+MPH.  On windy days, umbrellas will remain in upright, horizontal position.  They will not be adjusted (Full Service Only).
  7. Check for updated info on inclement weather 910-664-4318.  Umbrellas that have been removed due to weather will not be reset.
  8. Please follow the rules of the beach which are clearly posted at all accesses. Please cooperate with Beach Patrol, their jobs are hard enough.
  9. Watch instructional Video for direction on set up and take down. (Self Service) Don’t foregt to fill the holes! (Self Service)

This is done for the safety of ALL Beach Goers of Sunset Beach!

Customer is responsible for transport of chair to and from beach.

  1. Sunset Beach Umbrellas is not responsible for any injury.  

 Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the cancellation of your rental.

                    UMBRELLA REFUNDS – only on Full Service Set-Up

  • Refunds will be given on any days when umbrellas are not set Up; No refunds on early take downs 
  • Refunds will be mailed at the end of the rental week 

Failure to return the rented property within 48 hours after the agreed rental period has expired, willresult in replacement charges to your credit/debit card.  Sunset Beach Umbrellas is not responsible for any damages or injuries. All items are used at customers own risk.

By placing this order, I agree to Sunset Beach Umbrellas’ Terms and Conditions above.